Wood and Laminate underfloor heating

We recommend using our Foil heating system for heating under most engineered wood and cork floors. It is also suitable for laminate underfloor heating.

By installing a Warmup foil heating system under cork or wood and underlaminate floors, rather than using traditional radiators, you can add value to your rooms by saving wasted space and maintaining design freedom.

Recommended Heating System For Wood underfloor heating:

Recommended Heating System For Wood underfloor heating

Foil Underfloor Heating System

Warmup’s foil heating system provides an even and efficient heat source for installation under wood and laminate floors.
Recommended Heating System For New Construction

In Screed Underfloor Heating Cable

The Warmup in screed heating cable is excellent for its simple installation in concrete floors of any size and can be used with any floor finishes including cork, laminate and engineered wood.

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